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About Solsara

Solsara is based on a vision that human consciousness and culture are evolving toward the emergence of compassion, acceptance, relationship, community, and trust as the basic values from which we live our lives. We believe that this evolution is essential for the happiness, fulfillment, and survival of ourselves and all beings with whom we share this living planet. We hold that this evolution begins with each of us being and embodying the change we want to create.

Located in Oregon, we offer workshops, immersions, and individual sessions that assist students in realizing their vision and facing and dissolving obstacles in the way of being fully and authentically themselves. Through the practice of honesty, in the context of supportive and loving community, we explore together how to be alive, in the moment and deeply connected with others.

Solsara draws on a long lineage of spiritual teachings; the current form has evolved through many names and iterations over the last 30 years. We have much gratitude and respect for our forebears in this work.


Larry for web

Larry Kaplowitz

“Solsara (which means to bring light to what is), is a practice that embodies the journey that I have been on for most of my adult life: to develop my ability to see myself and others clearly, and, through this clarity, to experience love, joy, connection, freedom, peace, and a deep sense of purpose. I attribute much of the joy and satisfaction I have experienced in my relationships, family and work to this practice.

While I have followed many passions and visions in my life, I keep returning to this work as the most satisfying, meaningful, and fulfilling thing that I do. In  these times when it is clear that the awakening and evolution of human consciousness is essential to our survival, teaching Solsara is how I believe I can make the biggest difference.”

Larry has been teaching this work for more than 30 years, in places including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Portland, Seattle, Eugene and many intentional communities and festivals. He has also worked as an artist and designer, spent ten years as program director at Lost Valley Educational Center, a community-based nonprofit educational center focusing on ecological living skills, co-produced the magazine, Talking Leaves: a Journal of our Evolving Ecological Culture, and, along with his partner, Luna Marcus, created Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, an organic, vegan ice cream available widely throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Larry is father of 3 children, and, along with Luna, is developing a homestead just outside Eugene.

Carrie Koester (photo by Kyer Wiltshire)Carrie Renee

Carrie is a massage and movement therapist in Portland, OR, and she has been practicing Solsara and teaching workshops for 15 years. Through Solsara she has been learning how to be radically honest, aware, and connected to her deeper essence, while in relation with others.  As a healing practitioner, Carrie brings this learning to her clients and encourages them to step into that same space. She offers a gentle, yet impactful presence to her teaching that invites courageous unfolding and inspires clarity to move toward your fullest potential.

“Throughout my studies of wellness, there has been a consistent thread that has always lead me to the exploration of emotional and social well-being.  When we give our emotions space to breath and allow ourselves to be witnessed by others, deep healing is possible.  Solsara has provided me that space and I am dedicated to offering it to others.”

Candace cropped for webCandace Verlee Gazipura

“I have been interested in honesty and paying attention to peoples’ needs since at least the age of four. At the time, my aunt lost her baby during childbirth and as we drove to see her, my parents counseled me not to bring up the subject as it may upset her. Upon entering my grandparent’s house, I went straight to my aunt, crawled up in her lap and said, “I am sorry your baby died.” She cried as we rocked and held each other.

“I continued to foster my need to speak openly about “what is so” as I grew, offering talks about teen suicide and sharing my experience with bulimia with younger kids when I was still in middle school. Many years have passed and I have had the opportunity to serve thousands of people with my natural intuitive ability as well as the skills I have developed. While I have philosophies about human needs, who we are, and what life is about, I am much more interested in paying attention and really listening to the needs of those I am with. Whether individually or teaching in a large group, I tailor what I teach to help people in their current stage of development.”

Candace has been helping people transform and grow for over twenty years. Her calling is to help people shed their fears and become more honest and authentic in the world. From a young age she began teaching her peers with a level of clarity, honesty, and vulnerability that is rarely seen. She continued her work as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, offering counseling, support groups and educational classes.

Candace brings her decades of teaching experience to the Solsara group immersion courses she has been teaching for the last fifteen years. With patience, vulnerability, and humor, she helps students find greater acceptance for themselves, while gaining the courage to share who they are with those closest to them. These students often remark on Candace’s compassion, empathy, ability to listen in a way that is different than anything else they have experienced.

Luna Marcus

Luna Marcus

“In 2002, I was searching out permaculture communities around the world to learn how to live harmoniously on the land when I discovered Solsara, which was being taught by Larry at Lost Valley Educational Center. Realizing that permaculture needed to include not just harmony with the land, but also sustainability for human relationships, I moved from Seattle to Lost Valley to pursue this possibility. My mind was blown when I began to learn the practice of opening; as I became able to differentiate between my thoughts and emotions, and to see myself and others more clearly, it was as if a veil was lifted. I could be authentic, way less guarded, and I could love more fully. Fifteen years later, I still have unwavering faith in the ability of this practice to change lives—moment by moment, again and again, each time one participates, either as a student, assistant, or teacher!”

Luna is deeply grateful for how Solsara brings grace, love, and awakening to her community. She is passionate about helping to expand these teachings to diverse populations, so that more people may have the opportunity to see themselves and others more clearly. “It is our birthright to experience belonging; we are capable of tremendous love, connection, and genius, and we don’t have to feel so alone. Solsara is a place to show up, to step up in authenticity, to learn how to listen to the whispers of one’s heart, and to have the courage to live in love with our community. Through this practice, we embrace our humanity in it’s fullness.”

Luna is a mother, lover of beauty, student of yoga, with a background in massage therapy, yoga instruction, musical performance, and creative manifestation. She is passionate about the upliftment of women, men, and all beings to feel empowered in their genius and to be rooted in “Capital L” Love. She envisions a world where children have many mentors, frequent (and lovingly held) rites of passage experiences , and where their gifts are sought out, drawn out and celebrated!  She is currently creating and building a new practice in professional health coaching, and is pleased to be co-facilitating Solsara.

Sara Eden

Sara Eden

Sara Eden comes from 6 years of communication studies and facilitation based in mindfulness and loving presence. She currently lives in Portland, OR, where she works as a massage therapist. She is a web-weaver and community organizer. She loves more than anything to bring people together to share in the beauty of a life well lived.

“I find that my life becomes more precious, tangible, and engaging though my practice of deep honesty, with myself and others. I believe that being vulnerable is a strength that we can cultivate. We do this when we gather with community that holds us with loving awareness, allows us to be our complete and complex fallible human selves, and by developing a practice of compassion for ourselves and our fellow humans.”


Solsara is made possible through the participation and contribution of many assistants who generously volunteer their time, energy, love, insights, and skills to creating the most conducive possible container for this transformative work to occur. Some assistants are new to this work, and may have just recently completed their first Immersion, while others have been deeply engaged in this practice and have assisted at workshops for many years. Regardless of their experience level, their presence is essential and invaluable.