Dear Friends,

We have a significant and heartfelt announcement to share with you.

The Solsara leadership team is choosing to enter a time of reflection, reorientation, and education. We will be slowing down our offerings with these intentions:

  • To address the ways that our whiteness and privilege have influenced and limited what we do, who participates, how we communicate about the work, and the ways we operate as an organization

  • To expand the focus of the work from mostly serving individual needs and desires to creating a living movement for embodied and relational social change

  • To shift our organizational structure which will likely include changes in what we call this work, the structure of the organization, how we relate to finances, and the ways we hold and share leadership

We are still very much committed to this work and there is much more to come. We will be sharing more about our process and the choice to pause through our newsletters, and there may be small experimental offerings or a full immersion or two that happen during this incubation and re-calibration process. 

Thank you for your patience with our process, and for joining us for the ride. 

With great care,

Larry, Carrie, Jennifer, and Sara Eden