Welcome to the new Solsara.

What’s that?

Well, we don’t actually know yet, but we know that we want to collaborate with YOU!

The work previously known as Solsara (lol), is going through an identity change. This will include changing the name, the vision and mission, and the business model. With so much brewing, the current Solsara leadership team is going to pause on offering any new public events to honor this incubation period. Please read more about these changes and the inspiration behind them HERE.

BUT we don’t want the inspiration of development to stop! We would like to include you in a deep-dive discussion on leadership, social change, and racism with the intention to fuel new growth, clarity, and evolution. We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

September 20-22, 2019


6:00-9:00pm : Potluck dinner and Social time

10:00-6:00 : Exploring Whiteness in Solsara (facilitated by Ricci Elizabeth and Abigail Leeder)
Lunch Break 1:00-2:30
Dinner Break 6:00-7:30
7:30-9:00 : Film (TBD about race) and discussion

10:00-5:30 : Collaborative Leadership Discussions
Lunch Break 1:00-2:30

* It is required that you attend all portions of the weekend in order to participate. One exception - BIPOC may choose not to attend Saturday; more info is below.


Jennifer Love’s house in Northeast Portland. Address will be emailed once you register.

Topics and intentions

• Potluck and Social Time •
What a treat to get to just be with each other in a casual, unstructured space! This will be a time to simply be together, connect with familiar folks and introduce yourself to folks in the Solsara community that you may not know yet.

• Exploring Whiteness in Solsara •
This will be a day-long training on the impact of white identity: individually, collectively, and societally. This day will be facilitated by honored, guest instructors Ricci Elizabeth and Abigail Leeder. Please read more about this day HERE.

• Movie (race related) - TBD •

• Collaborative Leadership •
What happens when a group of heart-centered and emotionally intelligent individuals come together with a shared intention to listen deeply to the collective, bring their voices forward while responding responsibly to impact, and empower one another to lead? We will be experimenting with collaborative leadership while we explore these topics of inquiry:

• What needs to be present between us to create a BRAVE space?
• What does day-to-day leadership look and feel like for you?
• When you imagine the world you want, who do you need to be to create and sustain that world? What qualities do you embody? What actions do you take? What support do you need to get there?
• How do we embody the people that can create change in this world?
• What changes does Solsara need to make to be more effective at inspiring people to create social change?

This will be an organically evolving day which will require willingness to stay present, spontaneous, and generous with yourself and others.


Meals and snacks will not be provided. Friday evening is a shared dinner potluck. Please bring bountiful snacks to share on Saturday and Sunday. You may choose to bring your lunches and dinner or go out to local restaurants or stores. We will provide tea and water.


EVERYONE! With the exception of Saturday during the Exploring Whiteness portion, this event will not be formally facilitated by Larry, Carrie, Sara Eden, or Jen. By intentionally decreasing hierarchy in the space and increasing our collective listening, we will respond in the present moment by both claiming and passing the voice of leadership to one another, particularly on Sunday.


$135 • $115 • $95 - Choose that amount that reflects what you have available.

All funds will be funneled toward our guest teachers on Saturday, as well as venue and administrative costs. Please do not let cost deter you. If this amount is challenging for your budget, please contact us HERE.


Participants must have completed of at least one 3-day Solsara Immersion and have interest in participating in Solsara leadership to register.

Payments Options:

If you are a BIPOC and would like to opt out of the Exploring Whiteness segment, select the reflective rate above.