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Solsara Part II: The Practice

This event is now full. Please CONTACT US if you’d like to be on the wait list.


Throughout this 5-day residential retreat, expect to increase your sense of self-confidence, free yourself from limiting identities and roles, discover dynamic parts of who you are and find ease in expressing yourself fully and creatively, learn to skillfully tend to shame and fear when they arise, and experience deep joy and fulfillment in connecting with others honestly and authentically.

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While The Practice builds on the skills and practices introduced in the Immersion, the format and activities are quite different. Be prepared to be on your growth edge throughout the entire experience as we will delve into our limitations in creative and dynamic ways, including the gifts of our wounds as we focus on moving beyond damage into actualizing our visions. Laughter, levity, movement, dance and imagination will assist us in expressing aspects of ourselves and creating a rich sense of community. Enjoy 3-hour lunch breaks each afternoon for walking, napping or visiting with other attendees.

You must have completed a 3-day Solsara Immersion before registering for The Practice.

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We are thrilled to inhabit this gorgeous property just 20 minutes from Portland. A working organic farm with chickens and goats, this property sits on 40 lush acres with its own riverfront beach and forest. Words cannot do justice to the beauty of this place!

This lodge screams "PLAY". With a dynamic floor plan, a large 24ft ceiling Great Room, 7 bedrooms, 32 beds, 6 bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, multiple decks, a loft, and 2 hot tubs, this is the ideal space for this event. Get ready for some magic!

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Organic meals and snacks will be prepared daily by the charismatic and scrumptiously talented, Chef Zack Mazi (aka THE FOOD BENDER)! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be provided throughout the weekend, beginning with Dinner Wednesday evening. Vegetraian, vegan and gluten-free options will be available at every meal. Freshwater and hot tea will be available during the course. We do not provide caffeine, although you are welcome to bring your own.


Workshop Fee - $245 before October 10th ::: $295 after October 10th


Dormitory or Your Vehicle (FULL) - $280

Shared Bedroom (FULL) - $350

Master Bedroom (FULL) - $400


Dormitory or Your Vehicle (FULL) - $525 before October 10th ::: $575 after October 10th

Shared Bedroom (FULL) - $595 before October 10th ::: $645 after October 10th

Master Bedroom (FULL) - $645 before October 10th ::: $695 after October 10th

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to register and reserve a space.

While there are no work trade or scholarships available for The Practice, payment plan options are available. Please apply here.

Payment Plan Application


If you need to cancel your registration prior to 14 days before the start of the Immersion, all payments will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee, or you can transfer to a later event within one calendar year for no charge. If you cancel within 14 days of the start of The Practice, or do no show up, no refunds or transfer credits are available. Please notify us if you wish to gift your space to another person. It is required that you attend the first evening of the first day or you will forfeit your attendance for the weekend. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis for emergencies only.


All lodging is shared and mixed gender. Please let us know if you'd like to discuss options to suit your comfort.

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Communal Dorm Room with Shared Bathroom (9 spaces) - linens provided, bunk and single twin beds, bathroom attached

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Loft with Shared Bath (1 space) - linens provided, fold out firm, and very comfortable Ikea couches. This space will be shared with the some of the assistants.


Your Own Van or RV (1 space) - you provide linens and bedding, no hook-ups, lots of great flat parking spaces

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Shared Bedroom with Shared Bathroom (4 spaces) – linens provided, choose to share a queen bed or we can set up 2 singles

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Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom (2 spaces) – linens provided, choose to share a queen bed or we can set up 2 singles




Larry Kaplowitz and Carrie Renee have been dear friends and allies of the heart for the past 17 years. Larry brings over 35 years of experience teaching personal transformation work, inspires generous inquiry, and embodies bold courageous love. Carrie comes from 18 years of bodywork, movement, and somatic counseling and offers a kind, persistent looking while encouraging presence within the body. Together they weave a container that is rich with smiles, grace, authenticity, and insight.

There will also be 8-12 assistants that will volunteer their time to both continue their own practice and be of service. 


At Solsara, we are committed to shedding layers of armor, letting go of control, and releasing limiting beliefs that keep us from being free.

Our bodies are an essential aspect of our humanness. In light of this, during one group activity at The Practice you will be invited to shed your clothing and experience what it’s like to be you, in your most fundamental humanness, in relationship with other humans.

This exercise, and the entire event, are non-sexual. Being naked with others in a safe, non-sexual environment provides a rare opportunity to quiet the negative voices about our bodies, and stand simultaneously in our vulnerability and in our power, reclaiming for ourselves our own unique beauty and the clarity that we are loveable exactly as we are.

At no time is taking off one's clothing required. You can participate in this activity fully clothed, partially clothed, or totally naked. You can also change your mind one way or the other at any point. Every choice is honored, and there is no pressure to remove any clothing. Many people do choose to remove their clothing, so you do need to be aware that you will see others naked, regardless of what you choose about your own clothing.

The facilitators and assistants will be available to support you as you explore what level of engagement feels right for you.


Is all or most of The Practice naked?

No. In fact, there is only one session in which this invitation is offered. Other than that, you may find that people are more relaxed sharing bathrooms, dressing and undressing in shared lodging options, or using the hot tub. You may easily opt for privacy for showering or dressing at any point.

Do participants engage in sexual activities at The Practice?

No. At The Practice, we are exploring non-sexual intimacy. While sexual impulses and feelings may arise (because of course we are exploring what it means to be human together!), we ask all participants to refrain from romantic or sexual encounters (with the exception of established partners) during the event for this reason. We emphasize a culture of choice and consent with all contact. If you choose to be without your clothing, it is not a prelude to sex, nor an invitation for anyone to touch you.

Will I be required to be share touch with other people?

No. You are always fully at choice about any physical contact. While holding consent and choice as a priority, The Practice is also a great place to explore a variety of forms of non-sexual touch, including cuddling, snuggling, and play as you choose.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or curiosities about what we do at The Practice.

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