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Presence in the Park // Portland, OR // FREE

  • Alberta Park 1905 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211 USA (map)

Being human is simple, right?

Apparently not. We go through our days holding tension; we’re tight, constricted, isolated, afraid of what others might think, a fraction of our true selves, only partially expressed, and wanting more.

This practice simplifies all that noise.

One part spiritual practice (who am I?), one part relational lab (how do I connect with others?), and one part social action (what the hell are we doing here?), this practice clears the cobwebs, veils, and illusions that we have been culturally conditioned to believe.

Can we simply be here together? Turn down the volume on the “shoulds”, “supposed tos” and “good enoughs” and leave space for the me, the now, the possibility for connection, and the chance of hope.

Steeped in mindfulness, we learn to arrive in the present moment, listen and respond to the indicators of our bodies and emotions, come into connection, and say “yes” to a life worth living.

Through simple, experiential practices, we uncover our true essence, engage in authentic connection, and actively create a human culture that is based on honesty, empathy, and vision.

Join us on this fine summer evening to discover, once again, what it means to be human together.

This event will be hosted by Carrie Renee and Sara Eden.

Arrive 6:45 -7:00. We will begin at 7:00. Please plan to stay for the entire event.

This event is offered at no charge, but pre-registration is still encouraged.

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