Larry Kaplowitz

Larry has been teaching this work for more than 30 years, in places including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Portland, Seattle, Eugene and many intentional communities and festivals. He has also worked as an artist and designer, spent ten years as program director at Lost Valley Educational Center, a community-based nonprofit educational center focusing on ecological living skills, co-produced the magazine, Talking Leaves: a Journal of our Evolving Ecological Culture, and, along with his partner, Luna Marcus, created Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, an organic, vegan ice cream available widely throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Larry is father of 3 children, and, along with Luna, is developing a homestead just outside Eugene.

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Carrie Renee, LMT

Carrie has been pursuing her fascination of the human body and how it can serve as a vehicle for greater awakening and understanding since 1997.  With an extensive professional background in yoga, Pilates, meditation, massage, and women’s health, she offers a deeply informed perspective of the interplay between body and emotion.

Carrie’s approach is relational and engaging, yet also direct. She stewards a clear and compassionate environment in which each person is able to explore their unique strengths and inner resources, as well as struggles or challenges that may prevent them from thriving. Skillfully, she guides clients and students to uncover experiences beyond the mind and unlock the wisdom held within the body and the present moment. It is here that she encourages students to dwell in the intersection between somatic psychology and spiritual awakening.

Carrie is currently completing her Master’s in Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute with a focus on depth psychology and also has completed four years of study in the M.E.T.A/Hakomi Comprehensive Training program; two as a student, and two as a Teaching Assistant. Additionally, she has been trained in Primary Experiential Attachment and Re-Creation of the Self (RCS). She has been a student, assistant, and teacher of Solsara since 2001.

She offers private somatic coaching sessions in person and online.

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Sara eden

Sara Eden has been facilitating mindfulness practices and self reflective processes since 2008. She is passionate about community and the healing that happens in a relational container. 

Sara Eden is also a Human Resources Manager in Portland, OR. She loves applying her skill set as a facilitator to the day to day interpersonal challenges that happen in the workplace. She is currently working towards a Masters in Psychology in pursuit of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

She focuses her creative energy on bringing people together to share in the beauty of a life well lived. Sara Eden organizes, produces, and facilitates interpersonal workshops, is a communication nerd, and finds great joy in collaborating on projects that are aligned with her values: Mindfulness, Community, Right Relation, and Ingenuity.

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jennifer love

Jennifer Love shares mindful, relational practices to foster deeper, more meaningful connection and help people be in their hearts. Steeped in the Solsara community for over 10 years, assisting and hosting practices all over the country, helping others to see and feel more of themselves, take bigger risks, and delight in true intimacy that is often missed in our consumer-driven, fast-paced society. She enjoys many formats in human relating and believes that intimacy in relating to one another is the medicine of our time. Our world lights up when we know ourselves deeply, share our essence, and witness others do the same. 

Jennifer lives in Portland, OR with her three-year-old, Luca, and her partner, musician Jonathan Brinkley. Together they create community gatherings with a focus on intimacy in relationship. She is dedicated to creating a world in which adults and children can identify and freely express their emotional landscape.

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luna marcus, health coach

Luna is deeply grateful for how Solsara brings grace, love, and awakening to her community. She is passionate about helping to expand these teachings to diverse populations, so that more people may have the opportunity to see themselves and others more clearly.

Luna is a mother, lover of beauty, student of yoga, with a background in massage therapy, yoga instruction, musical performance, and creative manifestation. She is passionate about the  upliftment of all beings to feel empowered in their genius and to be rooted in “Capital L” Love. She envisions a world where children have many mentors, frequent (and lovingly held) rites of passage experiences , and where their gifts are sought out, drawn out and celebrated!  She is currently creating and building a new practice in professional health coaching, and is pleased to be co-facilitating Solsara.



Solsara is made possible through the participation and contribution of many assistants who generously volunteer their time, energy, love, insights, and skills to creating the most conducive possible container for this transformative work to occur. Some assistants are new to this practice, and may have just recently completed their first Immersion, while others have been deeply engaged and have assisted at Solsara for many years. Their presence is essential and invaluable to the practice of Solsara.