Solsara will teach you the value of vulnerability and what it means to truly be intimate. It will also give you the confidence to trust yourself, your feelings, and your inner voice. From there you can then understand how to really “show up” in life and connect in your relationships.
~ JB, Santa Cruz, CA

Three day Solsara Immersions are highly experiential and interactive. If you’d like more of a sense of Solsara before committing to a whole weekend, an Introduction workshop is an opportunity to dive into the practice of Solsara for a couple of hours as we engage in exercises that support us in being fully present and coming into open-hearted connection with one another. It is also an opportunity to meet people who have been involved in the practice and to get your questions answered. Even if you never end up coming to an Immersion, the Introduction is a powerful and valuable experience in and of itself and a wonderful way to bring your head and heart into harmonious relationship.

Pre-registration is recommended as these events often sell out.

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We also offer Introductory Workshops for special groups and events. If there is a group that you’re affiliated with or would like to include an Introductory Workshop at an event, please contact us!

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"This practice has given me tools for recognizing the assumptions that I make in my daily interactions with others and challenged me to take greater risks in testing those assumptions. Even more, I have a stronger sense of my self, my power, and that I am already the person I've been hoping to become."

~Nicole, Eugene, OR