Price Change Announcement 2019

With time comes change. As the stewards of this beautiful practice, the Solsara leadership team—Sara Eden, Carrie, Larry and Jennifer—are always attuning to what the practice of Solsara wants to be in the world, what capacity each of us has to offer, and how to best meet the inspirations of the community in which we serve.

In order to create sustainability within the infrastructure of Solsara, as well as foster our commitment to making this work more accessible to more people, we are introducing new pricing beginning this Fall. We deeply appreciate your support.


New Student - $395 regular registration / $345 early registration

Returning Student - $295 - Thank you for your continued participation! We have continually witnessed the benefits to both individuals and their communities when people who have completed an Immersion return to participate again.

People of Color - $195 - In recognition of generations of oppression afflicted on people of color in the United States and across the world, we stand to acknowledge that access has not, and is not, granted equally to all people. We offer this price point in an effort to move toward a more just and equitable society.

We will continue to offer partial scholarships and payment plans for folks with limited incomes.


This Fall you will start to see new offerings. Previously, we had been offering Introductions as our one and only entry level offering. The name "Introductions" never felt quite right for us because the exercises that we practice during these events are the foundational practices of Solsara and are intended to illuminate new discoveries about ourselves and how we connect to each other. Each time is fresh and abundant with learning, no matter your level of experience.

We will continue with Introductions under the new name, PRESENCE, and add additional offerings that will explore, mindfulness, body-awareness, listening, attunement, projection, freedom of consent, healthy non-sexual touch, attachment theory, curiosity, and more—all under the umbrella FUNDAMENTALS. Each of these classes will be open to the public and available to anyone that has or has not yet attended an Immersion. No prerequisites required.

Fundamental offerings  - $15 each, approximately 2 hours each


We will continue to offer graduate level experiences, sometimes topic focused and at other times simply rooted in the more advanced practices from the 3-Day Immersion. These offerings are an opportunity to continue to grow with community, deepen your practice, and step into your own sense of embodied leadership. All participants must have completed at least one 3-Day Immersion

Graduate Level Offerings - $20 each, approximately 3 hours each


Joining the assisting team at a 3-Day Immersion can be a highly rewarding way to continue your growth through leadership and teamwork. As an assistant, we each have the opportunity to continue the practice of Soslara, while being of support to others. To find out more about assisting please visit our Assisting Page on our website.

Starting this Fall, we will be implementing an official application process for each multi-day event.

New assistants will be asked to contribute a non-refundable $100 each of the first 2 times they assist.

Returning assistants will be asked to pay a refundable $50 deposit that will be returned in full upon full attendance and completion of the event.

People of Color will be asked to pay a refundable $50 deposit that will be returned in full upon full attendance and completion of the event regardless if they are new or returning for the same reasons as mentioned above.

In order to secure an abundant and resourced assistant team, there will be no refunds if any assistant cancels within one month of the event. Illness and emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis.