April 25 // Graduate Practice Session // Portland, OR

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Grad Session Only 3.jpg

April 25 // Graduate Practice Session // Portland, OR


What is projection? 

How do I know when I am projecting versus intuiting something in the moment? What are the many ways projection shows itself? How do we recover from receiving other's projections and learn to not take them personally? Why would we want to receive other people's reflections? Are reflections ultimately projections?

In this evening session we will dive deeply and simply into the subject of projection, how to identify when we are engaged in projection and how to be curious about witnessing or receiving a projection rather than taking it personally. Come prepared to self-reflect with a few writing prompts and guided experience with others, mostly in dyads.

Discover more of our inner world: what’s desirable/acceptable and what’s unacceptable in ourselves and others? Discover how we carry our preferences into our relationships with ourselves and others.

Through these practices we will gain an ability to:

~know ourselves better

~distinguish where we are acting from: realm of acceptance/non-acceptance, a place of witnessing self, or someplace else?

~identify and own our experience more freely

~discover our lens of perception in any given moment

~identify our intentions when offering reflection

~grow deeper, more meaningful and trusting relationships