Solsara Part II: The Practice

* Embody your liberated self *

Throughout this 5-day residential retreat, expect to increase your sense of self-confidence, free yourself from limiting identities and roles, discover dynamic parts of who you are and find ease in expressing yourself fully and creatively, learn to skillfully tend to shame and fear when they arise, and experience deep joy and fulfillment in connecting with others honestly and authentically.

While The Practice builds on the skills and practices introduced in the Immersion, the format and activities are quite different. Be prepared to be on your growth edge throughout the entire experience as we will delve into our limitations in creative and dynamic ways, including the gifts of our wounds as we focus on moving beyond damage into actualizing our visions. Laughter, levity, movement, dance and imagination will assist us in expressing aspects of ourselves and creating a rich sense of community.Enjoy 3-hour lunch breaks each afternoon for walking, napping or visiting with other attendees.

You must have completed a 3-day Solsara Immersion before registering for The Practice.


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At Solsara, we are committed to shedding layers of armor, letting go of control, and releasing limiting beliefs that keep us from being free.

Our bodies are an essential aspect of our humanness. In light of this, during one group activity at The Practice you will be invited to shed your clothing and experience what it’s like to be you, in your most fundamental humanness, in relationship with other humans.

This exercise, and the entire event, are non-sexual. Being naked with others in a safe, non-sexual environment provides a rare opportunity to quiet the negative voices about our bodies, and stand simultaneously in our vulnerability and in our power, reclaiming for ourselves our own unique beauty and the clarity that we are loveable exactly as we are.

At no time is taking off one's clothing required. You can participate in this activity fully clothed, partially clothed, or totally naked. You can also change your mind one way or the other at any point. Every choice is honored, and there is no pressure to remove any clothing. Many people do choose to remove their clothing, so you do need to be aware that you will see others naked, regardless of what you choose about your own clothing.

The facilitators and assistants will be available to support you as you explore what level of engagement feels right for you.


Is all or most of The Practice naked?

No. In fact, there is only one session in which this invitation is offered. Other than that, you may find that people are more relaxed sharing bathrooms, dressing and undressing in shared lodging options, or using the hot tub. You may easily opt for privacy for showering or dressing at any point.

Do participants engage in sexual activities at The Practice?

No. At The Practice, we are exploring non-sexual intimacy. While sexual impulses and feelings may arise (because of course we are exploring what it means to be human together!), we ask all participants to refrain from romantic or sexual encounters (with the exception of established partners) during the event for this reason. We emphasize a culture of choice and consent with all contact. If you choose to be without your clothing, it is not a prelude to sex, nor an invitation for anyone to touch you.

Will I be required to be share touch with other people?

No. You are always fully at choice about any physical contact. While holding consent and choice as a priority, The Practice is also a great place to explore a variety of forms of non-sexual touch, including cuddling, snuggling, and play as you choose.



"During The Practice I actually felt my brain restructuring. I could feel the new pathways routing and creating, expansive, life affirming responses in me to replace the contracted pain from my past reactions. My mind now supports the visions of my soul rather than limiting me.

My vision is no longer an imagining for my future but an experience available now through accepting myself, being present with what is, and practicing honesty. This beautiful awakening occurred because my desire to be fully alive and my willingness to experiment with doing something different were met at The Practice with a loving environment, transformational experiences, and tools designed to free the spirit. I experience love, gratitude and bliss whenever I think of The Practice."

~ Candace Gazipura, Solsara Facilitator