You’ve probably experienced times in your life when you’ve felt free, deeply connected with others, wholly engaged with life, and fully in your heart. In this expansive state, it’s been easy for you to love, and to act joyously, creatively, and powerfully towards the fulfillment of your visions and heart’s desires.

You’ve probably also experienced times when you’ve felt anything but free—when you’ve felt small and constricted, disconnected, unable to get out of your own way, stuck in pain, fear, self-judgment, limiting ideas, or deeply ingrained patterns.

Very likely you spend much of your time somewhere in between—in a state where you’re “fine,” but perhaps have a persistent, low-grade sense of frustration or resignation, or simply know that more is possible for you in your life.

Solsara is a path to freedom.

Through the practice of Solsara we begin to perceive and release the protective habits, attachments, and limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck, separate, lonely, and suffering. As we open, we learn to listen to the subtle voices of our bodies and hearts, allowing them to inform our thinking and actions. We become present. We rediscover our freedom. We naturally and open-heartedly interact with other people and the world in a way that cultivates connection, trust, understanding, and love.

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