Solsara is a cultural movement dedicated to exploring
what it means to be human together.


"This work has been one of the transformative catalysts of my life. Through Solsara, I have cracked open a part of myself locked away long ago by the social pressures of my past. Every time I engage in this practice, I experience the blossoming of freedom, strength and love, both in myself and in others."

~ Jesse, Portland, OR



that human consciousness and culture are evolving toward the emergence of compassion, acceptance, relationship, community, and trust as the basic values from which we live our lives. We believe that this evolution is essential for the happiness, fulfillment, and survival of ourselves and all beings with whom we share this living planet. We hold that this evolution begins with each of us being and embodying the change we want to create.

Through simple, experiential practices, we uncover our true essence, engage in authentic connection, and actively create a human culture that is based on honesty, empathy, and vision.

Located in Oregon, we offer workshops, immersions, and individual sessions that assist students in realizing their vision and facing and dissolving obstacles in the way of being fully and authentically themselves. Through the practice of honesty, in the context of supportive and loving community, we explore together how to be alive, in the moment and deeply connected with others.


How do we free ourselves from fear?

Here’s the great secret: we don’t need to. We simply need to have the courage to feel our fear and to act in the face of it. Courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is the willingness to do the thing that we’re afraid of. To listen, through the persistent clatter of our fear, for the quiet voice of love, whispering in our heart, and to choose that.
~ Larry Kaplowitz, Solsara Facilitator